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2021 started a wild ride for the envelope, print and mail industries. Supply chain woes, price increases and a steep resumption of demand have created a whole new playing field.

Has personal customer service declined as a result of the pandemic? Is this part of a larger trend by companies to economize by making it more difficult to speak to a live person?

Web printing is a cost-effective way to print high-quality images for direct mail components. Here are some of the features and reasons why you might try quoting your next direct mail package with a web printer.

Things to consider when you're looking to print envelopes in the best possible way.

The pros and cons between paper and poly bubble mailers with custom printing.

Business letterhead and letterhead envelopes are still valid and quite useful even in today's digital marketplace. Here are a few reasons why all small and large businesses should invest in nicely printed letterhead and envelopes on fine paper.

How do we respond personally and professionally to something like the Pandemic? Here are some things I've found useful.

Here's a real-life example from a recent customer quote illustrating the issues relating to the different ways envelopes are constructed and how that can affect your price and the utility of the piece. From the Elite Envelope & Graphics files!

Printing on paper can be a very effective way to send a message either personal or commercial. Direct mail can have a significant impact on the recipient that can't be duplicated with a digital transmission. Here are some reasons why.

Direct mail has many advantages over ads and e mail blasts. Find out some of the reasons why you should consider sending an envelope in the mail with a personalized message for best results on your next campaign.

As the economy slowly reopens, companies will need to promote themselves and their products more than ever to win back reluctant customers. This could be a big plus for envelope converters, printing and direct mail companies.

Musings about our situation in the pandemic and where the envelope, printing and mailing businesses in particular might be headed.

It's still early in the game, but what might we expect during and after the Coronavirus for the envelope and printing industries?

Despite the radical changes wrought by digital technology, the intrepid envelope survives and thrives 200 years after it's invention.

How can we maintain growth in our envelope, print and paper businesses in a time of overall decline? These five marketing tips are a good start.

How have the envelope, printing and paper industries changed? What does the future hold? Here are some tips for growth in a time of overall decline.

Printed paper has value that goes well beyond the material itself. If you want your message to stand out and be read and maybe even remembered, the permanence of print on paper is a necessary starting point.

For making an impression and getting our message across, ink on paper can be superior to the digital messages that proliferate around us daily. Here are a few reasons why.

Envelope converting has many different aspects which need to be taken into account in order for the best possible result. Some envelope converters are better than others and here's what to look for when choosing the best home for your job.

Elite Envelope & Graphics provides a wide variety of evidence envelopes for use by law enforcement agencies at all levels.

Custom printed envelopes can present challenges. Here are some things to keep in mind to get the best result right from the start!

Despite all the changes in the envelope and printing industries over the past 30 years, the basics of customer service and sales still apply.

Paper comes from trees which are a renewable resource. Paper use for envelopes and printing is consistent with the conservation and cultivation of trees. So don't waste, but print what you need without guilt!

What is "dgital fatigue"? Well nothing that mailing a letter to someone either personally or for your business can't cure!

Setting up the sheet properly for an envelope converting job can make the difference between a good or not so good result. Follow this one simple rule and you'll be sure to get the good result!

Measuring a window envelope properly will help to smooth the order process and ensure you get just what you want. The term "vertical window" for an envelope is sometimes confusing. Here's a quick explanation which will hopefully make your life easier.

The Envelope industry, along with the printing and paper industry require a large supply of trees in order to satisfy the demand for their products. The more envelopes, mail and print we consume, the more trees are needed and planted. So, you can love trees as well as print, mail and envelopes.

When you get an envelope in the mail, "the medium is the message" to a certain extent. Sending something to someone in the mail means you took the time and effort that just isn't there with an e mail or text message.

Getting a letter in the mail, especially with an attractive envelope design can set your message apart from the slew of e mails each of us typically receives each day on our jobs. Direct mail works!

Most commercial size envelopes are made with either diagonal seam or side seam construction. Each style has its own look and advantages. Here are some thing to keep in mind when deciding which one is best for your mailing.

Not all envelope graphic designs are practical when it comes to actually putting the ink on the paper. It's always best to consult with your envelope converter while you're in the design phase.

Elite is one of the few envelope converters who will take minimum quantity converting jobs and turn them around quickly. This can be an advantage for a printer who wants to print both letterhead and envelopes together to keep the printing consistent.

There are many songs about the mail, not too many about envelopes. Here are some of my favorites.

Direct mail and e mail complement each other very well as part of an overall marketing plan. An eye-catching envelope as part of a direct mail package can make an impression.

Envelope converting (or envelope manufacturing) is required for certain envelopes based on their size and also how they are to be printed. Here are some pointers to help you make the right decision.

There are four main services provided by the Post Office to help mailers correct bad addresses and forward the mail to the correct address. Each has its own description or “endorsement”.

Tyvek Envelopes are printable and recyclable and can provide excellent protection for your mailing along with potential postage savings.

Envelope and printing companies have to adapt to the changing landscape of commerce where customers are not used to waiting for things. Digital technology on prepress and production can speed the process which companies like Elite have embraced.

The Post Office has some great ways for marketers and business owners to boost their business through direct mail. Elite Envelope can help suggest some ways to get you the best deal.

The "Envelope Buying Guide" and "Buyer's Guide to Cold Web Printing" are available at no charge through our website. Both booklets contain a wealth of useful information on envelopes and forms.

Envelopes have an interesting history and the effort to standardize sizes appears to have started with a New York Company back in the 1800s. It also seems there were more personal love letters written back then!

Paper is a renewable resource and planting trees to supply future paper needs is a plus for the environment. Those of us in the paper, envelope and printing industries have nothing to apologize for.

In this age of digital overload, a simple hand-written letter could stand out and be a way to really connect with someone.

Whether they are called bind-in envelopes, order form envelopes or donor envelopes, these items are more in the business forms family but they work great for many different mailing applications or strictly binding into a magazine or brochure. Are they right for you?

There are many different ways to print a four color process image on an envelope. Here's what you need to know to make the right decision for your custom envelope job.

Envelope Converting is the same as envelope manufacturing. It involves making or converting sheets of paper into folded and glued envelopes. Elite is a direct source for converting as well as printing envelopes. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your next envelope converting project.

Full view window envelopes, also known as display window envelopes are a great way to show off your awesome marketing material. They are a specialty of Elite Envelope and we can make them in many different sizes.

Web Printing is great for many different printed products. Here are five of the most popular ones with Elite Envelope.

Getting a written, personal letter in the mail can be an exciting thing these days. Maybe this is a way to connect the current generation to this time honored practice?

Envelope converting and web printing is a great combination. Elite Envelope and Graphics offers it all under one roof.

Small businesses shipping products that can fit in an envelope are everywhere. Elite Envelope gets many requests from these companies for cost-effective ways to ship their wares. Envelopes for shipping provide many options.

Rush service and quick turn arounds for printing jobs and envelope printing jobs are just a fact of life in the 21st century. We have to respond to what customers want or face extinction.

Thanks to the internet, there are lots of small businesses selling products that need to be shipped across the country. Envelopes can be a low cost and versatile solution in the shipping decision.

Web Printing is a great resource for all types of direct mail components. At Elite, we not only print the envelopes but also what goes inside the envelope. Here are some basic facts about the process and what works best.

Tyvek envelopes can actually be more economical than regular paper envelopes despite their higher cost. The secret is their light weight and how that reduces the cost of mailing

Regular mail might take a little longer to arrive than an e mail but for direct mailers, the extra time is worth the value of greater response.

One of the great advantages of print on paper is that it's tangible and permanent.

Using envelopes for product packaging is an idea whose time may have arrived.

There are some terms used in envelope converting and printing that are unique. Here's a quick explanation of some of them to make your life a little easier!

Here's a list of some of the most common envelope terms to make things easier when you're buying or thinking about what to buy.

Document Wallets can be useful for keeping papers secure in a variety of applications for car dealers, law offices, funeral homes, hotels, colleges and many other businesses.

Everyone who buys and sells paper products has been frustrated with the sharp increases in the price of paper. Here's a brief explanation and a commitment from Elite Envelope & Graphics to get you through it.

Things to keep in mind when ordering printed forms or business forms in particular.

Envelope Converting explained - This one takes you from the preparation part to the actual converting.

Envelopes can be printed in many different styles and colors. What is the best way to print an envelope with full color? Here are some things to consider.

Measuring an envelope can be a little tricky sometimes. This will give you the proper way to measure taking into account envelope variation as well as measuring window envelopes and measuring expansion envelopes.

Tyvek Envelopes are the best choice for certain mailings. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a Tyvek Envelope for your next project.

What's the difference between a booklet style envelope and a catalog style envelope? What does "commercial envelope" mean? Envelope terminology can be a little confusing. Here's a brief explanation.

Envelope converting is not generally well-understood. Here are the basics including best practices for converting envelopes and achieving the best result.

Envelope Printing can be done in a number of ways depending on the requirements of the job. Flexographic or "flexo" printing is one of the ways to print an envelope.

Printing envelopes on a flat sheet and then converting is sometimes necessary for best results. Here's what you need to know to make the best decision.

Most envelopes are printed offset. Here's a brief summary of the process along with how to decide if this is the best way to print your job.

Whether you're a buyer, purchasing manager, graphic designer or traffic manager, you need to know the best way to print your envelope for maximum cost efficiency and best quality. Keep these things in mind and you won't go wrong!

Knowing the Post Office rules can help you save some dough if you're mailing a CD. Having an envelope company you can count on for advice is another big plus!

Another reason for variation in custom envelope manufacturing is the printing part.

Why is there the potential for variation in custom envelope manufacturing? Here are the main reasons.

Why do envelope converters and printers bill for more than than the customer ordered on a custom job? It may sound fishy but there's a good reason.

Elite Envelope & Graphics generates more than half of its electricity from solar power.

The Envelope industry has played a role in the building of America. And we're still facilitating communication and commerce in the 21st century. The Smithsonian Institute honor the print and envelope industries. We're proud to be included!

Have you heard anyone complain about junk mail in their mailbox at home lately? I bet you've heard lots of complaints about spam in e mail folders though. Therein lies a tale...

Direct Mail and printing has a place in the digital world. And printing and envelope companies can use technology to our advantage.

As I was constantly reminded as a child, it's good to reuse and recycle. Elite's Smart Bubble product carries on that tradition with printed bubble envelopes.

Printing an envelope can be tricky. Here are a couple of common errors to avoid for a perfect envelope print job.

Are printed envelopes harmful to the environment? Open your mind and read on...

Web printing presses are uniquely capable and the best option for certain print jobs.

Sometimes technology is not the most efficient and satisfying way to communicate!

Our President Dave Theriault is featured on the Mass Econ website in the "Ask the Experts" section on the homepage.

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