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Custom-Printed Paper Placemats

Printed paper placemats are a specialty of ours.

Typically produced on 50# white offset or opaque stock and sized at 11" x 17", our custom disposable placemats are the choice of hundreds of restaurants, cafes, bistros and pubs.

Produced with a 1/4" white border all around, these placemats come right off the press and into the carton with no cutting or trimming required at our most competitive prices. Of course, if you prefer printing right to the edge, we can easily do that as well. 

And speaking of printing, our cold web presses print 200 line screen resolution in up to 8 colors.  Our in-house graphic arts professionals can help you tailor your design for the most attractive presentation. 

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable support staff will be with you at every step; coordinating production and deliveries, expediting proofs and anything else you might require to get it done just right; on time and on spec. 

So use your imagination and design something that communicates the best of your business directly to your customers.


What Sets Our Custom-Printed Paper Placemats Apart?

From keeping kids entertained at family-friendly restaurants with games and puzzles to promoting upscale ambiance with custom designs, paper placemats offer a surprisingly versatile tool for all restaurants.

They can be printed with your branding, advertise new menu items, and even subtly encourage upselling. Disposable paper placemats help ensure hygiene, while high-quality options enhance table presentation. Thematic restaurants can leverage them to further immerse guests in the experience.

Here are some additional benefits of choosing paper placemats:

  • Customers can take custom-designed placemats with them as keepsakes or for at-home/carry-out ordering if they include a menu
  • Paper menus are disposable/recyclable/eco-friendly
  • Disposable custom-printed paper placemats for restaurants make for easy cleanup for bus/wait staff
  • Elite Envelope's placemat menu printing capabilities provide a wide range of customization options

All restaurants can benefit from cost-effective marketing opportunities and the option to choose sustainable, eco-friendly materials. By considering your specific needs and target audience, paper placemats can become a strategic asset that enhances the dining experience and strengthens your restaurant's brand.

Paper placemats are ideal for:

  • Casual dining restaurants
  • Fast food chains
  • Fine dining restaurants
  • Thematic restaurants
  • Cafes and bakerie

Paper Menus Now Required

Recent government regulations regarding the reopening of restaurants in Massachusetts require that "single use" paper menus be used in place of the typical book-style menus. View regulations here.

This may apply to other states as well. 

Paper menus are disposable and less likely to transmit infections through common contact. 

Elite can produce a wide variety of paper menus.  We can also combine menu items on placemats. 

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