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Our emphasis on customer service is what separates us from our competition. We have built our company and reputation on going above and beyond what is merely necessary for our customers. That philosophy applies equally to our best customers as well as someone we've never met who sends in a a single order through our website.   Here is just a sample of the feedback we receive on a regular basis.  We don't like to brag, but... :-)

  • Hi Jerry,

    Thank you very much for the pricing and expertise you provided on this envelope project. The customer has decided to move in a different direction and we will not be placing this order for Poly Envelopes.

    I also wanted to let you know that your service and responsiveness set you (far) apart from other vendors I had been working with for this project. Moving forward you will be my 1st choice for projects of this nature. I cannot express how much I appreciate your timely, thorough and friendly emails. They made a great first (and lasting) impression for Elite Envelopes & Graphics.

  • Hi Elaine,
    I am seriously in debt to you all. Please tell production thank you so very much!!! I cannot believe how incredible you have been with our turn times, and then getting it to you late to boot. You guys are completely amazing and you especially. I cannot tell you how many vendors I work with and you are ABSOLUTELY the best. Thank you for making my Friday. Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Jerry, Dave,
    Customer could not be happier with the delivery and quality/count/packing. I think we have a new customer for life...

  • We got the envelopes today and they look GREAT! Thank you for an excellent job, and for being so easy to work with!

  • Hello Jerry,
    The entire experience was very pleasurable. I was able to find what I needed, and the envelopes came out the way it was envisioned. the contact throughout the entire process was great and answered promptly and clearly. I am glad I was able to find your company while searching the web.

  • ...One last thing, I have left (company) and I am completely out of the business at this time. I just want to thank you and Karen and Jerry and the entire team at Elite for truly exceptional service during our time together. I NEVER, ever had a problem with your service, your products, your people or anything with Elite. I love small business... I also want you to know that I will always be a positive referral for Elite Envelope. Elite Envelope always did well by (company).

  • Thank you Jerry, job was very well received. Your rep was truly helpful and on top of the situation which as usual in our little niche was a rush request.

  • Hello Dave and Tracie,
    I wanted to let you know what a terrific customer service experience it's been from start to finish. Whoever answers your phones was so friendly-a cheerful voice at the end of the phone on a Monday morning is always a good thing. I spoke with Karen a couple of times as well to check in/make sure we were on schedule for today and she was great. And then your delivery man - I should have asked his name this time - he's always terrific. He brought up and unloaded some boxes here and then followed me over to the storage unit where he did the same there. I'd asked our bookkeeper for a tip to give him but he wouldn't accept it. Working in a business that's about customer service makes me appreciate even more when it's above the realm of what seems the norm and this was head and shoulders above that.

  • Hi Tracie,
    I just wanted to write and let you know I am thrilled with the envelopes I received last week. The printing is perfect and the envelope is of good quality. I am so glad I can kiss my rubber stamp goodbye. Thanks for a job well done.

  • I have to tell you, our envelopes were just delivered by the friendliest, hardworking and most pleasant gentleman I have ever been in contact with since I have ordering product (at least 10 years). Dave could not have been any nicer. It surely makes my job easier and speaks volumes for your company. Well done!!!

  • Thank you Elaine,
    I can tell you, it is service like what you have just provided me with that will keep us sending the orders to Elite. You have been very helpful and it is much appreciated.

  • Hi Tracie,
    I'll follow up with the credit card info tomorrow. Thank you very much for your responsiveness. It's like a breath of fresh air!

  • Just wanted to say thank you for the job you did for the SSCA envelopes. Not sure who delivered them but the customer was so happy he delivered them to the second floor and put away for her. This is very important to this customer and yes, she liked the envelopes.

  • You guys just did a 24 hour conversion for us on some envelopes to get us out of a jam, and I just wanted to say thanks for helping us out. I really appreciate it!

  • Hi Tracie,

    I just wanted to let you know, we received our envelope order for the Ready Responder envelopes and we are absolutely thrilled with how they came out. They look great! You have been such a pleasure to work with, and I hope to work with you again in the future! If your company ever takes testimonials, I would be happy to provide one.

    Thanks again for all of your patience and your help!

  • Jerry,
    Thank you for the email. I need to compliment your staff on their speed of quoting when I email. I have always had a positive experience with your company.
    Thank you

  • I wanted to thank you all, and everyone there who had a hand in it. You guys did a great job, constant quantity changes, multiple tight dates and you still delivered what we needed when we needed it.

    Thank you VERY much. I personally would like to thank you for always exceeding my expectations. :-)

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