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Digital Envelope Printing (including white ink!)


Prints in White Ink!

One of the sweet features of our OKI Data 5 color perfecting press is the ability to print in white ink on a dark background. Eye-catching contrast can set your message apart!  This beauty lays down white under CMYK for eye-popping contrast. Also prints addresses and other variable info in white for major impact.


Wide Range of Sizes

We can print anything from 3 1/2 x 5 up to 12 x 17 - booklets, open ends, A sizes, squares - you name it. 

Not Just Plain ol' Paper

We can also print on coated and some metallic stocks.


Bleeds?  No Problem!

Our I-Jet digital press can print bleeds off all edges in eye-popping process color on pre-made envelopes.  Ask us for samples; you really need to see it.




Windows? Yes!

Because it's an ink jet system and not toner based, our I-Jet can print on regular poly window material to save you money.

And the printed envelopes can be run through laser printers with no smudging or running.

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