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Interoffice Envelopes

Elite Envelope & Graphics is your source for all types of Interoffice envelopes.

Most common are the 10 x 13 open end/catalog style on 28# brown kraft with a string and button closure which allows the envelope to be reused multiple times. The item is printed in black ink with "To/From" boxes on the front and back and generally has six holes punched through in order to see if there is content inside.  This item is sort of the "standard issue" inter-office envelope.

However there are similar envelopes available in other sizes such as #12 or #14 commercial sizes where documents can be folded and inserted.  

Another variation on the interoffice envelope uses a resealable closure called Peerless Tac.  This is a round dot of clear adhesive in the middle of the flap and another similar-sized dot on the top of the back panel where the flap meets when folded down. When the two adhesive dots come in contact a bond is created which holds it together.  The flap can be sealed and resealed multiple times and is a little easier than having to tie the string around the button.  It's also less likely to come apart when moving about.

Like anything else at Elite, custom interoffice envelope jobs are no problem even in small quantities.  Our ability to make envelopes as small as 3-1/2 x 5 up to 12-1/2 x 15 gives you the flexibility and option to get just what you need. 

Let us help you get creative!

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