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Letterhead from Elite Envelope & Graphics

Our cold web presses are great for printing all types of letterhead in quantities of 25,000 and up.  

We stock a nice sheet of house opaque which shows and prints very well with excellent brightness.  If you require something a little more upscale, we can get rolls of Finch or Accent opaque or Cougar if you prefer.

Our best prices will be with no bleeds.  That way we can cut and pack right off the end of the press with no additional trimming. 

We can bulk pack in cartons or provide in shrink-wrapped packs of 500 or whatever quantity you'd like.  We can also provide individual boxes for reams of 500 for ease of storage. 

Our presses print up to 8 colors so we can do some really fancy things if you want. Or we can print in one or two colors. Either way is fine with us and your price will be a very competitive one. 

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