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Bind-In Envelopes, Donor Envelopes, Order Form Envelopes

Bind In Envelopes, Donor Envelopes, Order Form Envelopes, custom printed envelopes, elite envelope, envelope

This product goes by several different names: order form envelope, bind-in envelope, donor envelope, bind-in order form and more.  Although the word envelope is used in many of the descriptions, this is not technically an envelope; at least by manufacturing/converting standards.  An envelope is characterized by seams and panels which fold across each other in some configuration.  The order form envelope et al is really just a folded piece of paper which is glued at the edge in one portion to form a pouch that can be used as an envelope.  It’s more in the business form family than the envelope family.

The phrase “bind-in” means quite literally that the product is in many cases bound inside a catalog or brochure before it is mailed.  The order form envelope is then removed by the recipient and used to order products or, in the case of donor envelopes and donation return envelopes, to make a donation. The “envelope” portion can be separated by a perforation and will have a strip of seal gum which when moistened will seal the envelope for return mailing.

While not as sturdy and durable as an envelope, these bind-in envelopes are perfectly functional and mail-able under US Postal guidelines.  They are less bulky than an envelope and therefore easier for the bindery to insert. Bind-in envelopes also weigh slightly less than an envelope which can be a factor when postage costs are considered.  Lastly order form envelopes are multi-functional combining the order form, promotional material and the envelope all in one convenient piece.

Elite can print donation envelopes in full color on both sides or in spot colors. They can be made in various styles and configurations with a single panel in addition to the envelope or with multiple panels for more comprehensive messaging.  We are one of the few companies that can provide both standard, conventional envelopes as well as the order form envelopes described here.

Contact us today for a customized quote tailored to your specific needs. Our team is ready to assist you with expert advice and solutions for your bind-in envelope requirements.

Bind In Envelopes, Donor Envelopes, Order Form Envelopes, custom printed envelopes, elite envelope, envelope

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