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Cut Sheets (statements, invoices, bills, letters, fliers)

Elite can produce just the right statement, bill, invoice or account statement

What is a cut sheet?

It's basically a single sheet of (usually) printed paper that is typically letter size      (8-1/2" x 11") or legal size (8 -1/2" x 14")

Web presses (printing presses that print from rolls of paper instead of sheets) are generally very good options for cut sheets in larger quantities. This is mostly because they can be cut and packed right off the press. On a sheet fed press, you might have a large sheet which contains 8 or more individual sheet impressions but then they have to be taken off the press and cut down which adds to time and cost.

Web presses allow you to bypass that time-consuming and labor-intensive step.  We can print and pack cut sheets without any additional cutting which can make your job a lot more cost-effective.

Some of our most popular cut sheets are:

  • Letterhead - see previous section
  • Billing or Account Statements - for banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, medical billing,  and any company that might mail out regular account updates
  • Laser letters - These days variable printing is very popular; and with good reason. Personalized messages tend to get a better response than generic appeals. But many companies will want a basic letter "shell" that has most of the information required with spaces for personalized laser imprinting.  We can supply the printed shells and bulk pack in cartons for your fulfillment house to laser and mail
  • Fliers - regular letter-size fliers are a big seller.  Often they are inserted into larger packages with special offers and mailed.  We print a lot of these with colored stock - yellow, blue, and pink
  • Buckslips - Basically smaller fliers, used primarily in direct mail packages to promote a particular special offer.  Most common size gets 3 out of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet (approximately 3-5/8" x 8-1/2)

Perforations Made Easy!

Another major advantage to printing on our webs is that they can apply perforations in-line as the job is printed.  Again, this is something that would have to be done as a separate action if the job were printing on a flat sheet press. With the webs, the perf die is just another station on the press.  Many bills and statements have a payment slip that tears off at the perforation and is remitted with the payment.  

So, if your job requires a perforation, web printing from Elite Envelope & Graphics might just be your best option.

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